2020 USVI Democratic Party to Caucus June 4-6

Democratic Party of the Virgin Islands

The Democratic Party of the Virgin Islands will hold its upcoming caucus during which democrats will participate in voting for the democratic candidates prior to the general election on Nov. 3, 2020.

In accordance with the local party’s Delegate Selection Plan, April 17 – May 17 was established as the period when interested registered democrats submitted ‘Statements of Candidacy’ to serve as delegates to the 2020 Democratic National Convention (DNC).   The VI Dems will host its caucus on Saturday, June 6, territory-wide. The three voting locations are:

St. Thomas – Democratic Party Headquarters (formerly The Old Ramblers Club);

St. Croix – La Reine Shopping Center (former Bryan / Roach Campaign Headquarters); and

St. John — TBD.

Early voting will also be conducted on June 4-5.  The caucus sites will open from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Carol Burke, national committeewoman and caucus coordinator, said, “Our caucuses have come a long way in structure and organization. We pride ourselves in providing this opportunity to all registered democrats to experience the significance and reach of political parties. The Virgin Islands continued participation is as important to our collective efforts to one day secure the opportunity when we vote for the president.”

All seven delegate candidates are pledged to Joe Biden, the Democratic presumptive nominee.  The delegates from St. Thomas-St. John District are Edgar Baker Phillips, Roger B. Minkoff and Pamela Richards.  The delegates from St. Croix are attorney Ronald Russell, Robert Rios, Florine Audain Hassell and Sonia Boyce.  They will join the automatic delegates: Gov. Albert Bryan Jr., Delegate to Congress Stacey Plaskett, State Chair Cecil Benjamin, Vice Chair Carla Joseph, National Committeeman Kevin Rodriquez and National Committeewoman Carol Burke.

“The results of our solicitation period are in accordance with the DNC rules and by-laws and the Virgin Islands Delegate Selection Plan. Our delegates are identified, and the list is complete and final.  We look forward to a robust and successful caucus,” said Cecil Benjamin, state chair, VI Democratic Party.