Board of Education to Extend Early Childhood Education Certification

Virgin Islands Board of Education (VIBE)

According to Act 8270, Virgin Islands Code, persons teaching kindergarten-4 through third grade in the territory’s public schools are required to obtain a professional education license in Early Childhood Education (ECE) by Oct. 1 from the Virgin Islands Board of Education (VIBE) in collaboration with the V.I. Department of Education, thereby ensuring that primary grade students are receiving a quality education.

At the board meeting on Oct. 31, 2023, the Board of Education approved a deadline extension for its Early Childhood Education and conditional certifications.

Considering the board’s REL-NEI partner’s completion of the professional development micro-modules, candidates have until Oct. 31, 2024, to exercise ECE certification options as outlined in VIBE’s policy. Visit and select the policies tab for more information on the Early Childhood Education Certification.

The incredible opportunity awaits all educators.  Becoming certified is not just a checkbox; it is a key to unlocking new levels of professional growth and impact.

A commitment to certification is an investment that will pay dividends in one’s career and the lives of one’s students.