Board of Elections Invites Public to Special Meeting Via Internet

Board of Elections internet special meeting planned.

The Board of Elections has scheduled a special meeting for 10 a.m., Tuesday, April 21. Due to the coronavirus pandemic protocols this meeting will be held via Microsoft Teams. This Microsoft Application provides the Board with a process to collaborate without compromising privacy and security. Now more than ever, people need to know their virtual conversations are private and secure.

Members of the public interested in participating in this meeting will need to provide their email address.

Please send the email address to any one of the following staff members by noon, Monday, April 20:

Angel Bolques, [email protected] or

Terrell Alexandre, [email protected] or

alternate: Caroline Fawkes, [email protected]

A person’s email address will be used to send out an invitation. People will need to download the MS Team Website Application to join the meeting, either on a laptop or cell phone. This web application is free.

For questions or concerns, contact Supervisor of Elections Caroline Fawkes at 713-1934 (home) or 227-8827 (cell).