Carolina Corral Unveils Adopt a Donkey Campaign


A donation of about $90 a month can help ensure that Carolina Corral can continue to take care of all its donkeys.

While the Saturday, May 11, Second Ever Donkey Softball game in the Coral Bay ball field drew a small crowd who enjoyed donkey rides and games, Carolina Corral owner Dana Bartlett remains in need of financial assistance.

While running her business is difficult enough, Bartlett also cares for island donkeys in need. Whether they have been hit by a car or broken a leg, it’s Bartlett’s phone which rings when a donkey on St. John needs assistance.

“When I get a local call early in the morning, it usually means I’m heading out looking for an injured donkey,” said Bartlett.
Although Bartlett always responds to donkeys in need, she’s having trouble keeping them all fed.

“A lot of these donkeys are too young or just can’t be used for rides,” said the Carolina Corral owner. “But they all eat and that adds up. And that’s even before any medical treatment or needs.”

To help offset those costs, Bartlett is offering an “Adopt a Donkey” campaign where residents can donate about $90 a month to make sure all those hungry mouths get the food they need.

Bartlett can also use volunteers to help clean and feed the animals, she added.

For more information or to adopt a donkey from Carolina Corral, call Bartlett at 693-5778.