Cheryl “CJ” Johnson Bringing Distinctive Decor to The Marketplace


Cheryl Johnson

With a soon-to-open Distinctive Decor Group Ltd. showroom, The Marketplace is fast becoming a one-stop shopping destination for home decorating needs.

Bringing her vast selection of stones from all over the world, Distinctive Decor Group owner, Cheryl “CJ” Johnson, will be a welcome addition to the Love City retail landscape. A Mississippi-native, Johnson has been involved in the framing and gallery world since 1988.

“I had a gallery in Texas and then moved back to Mississippi where I opened a frame shop,” said Johnson. “Then I had the opportunity to move to Pensacola, Florida, and took advantage of it.”

Only on island for about a year, the St. Thomas resident originally moved to the U.S. Virgin Islands for another employment opportunity, explained Johnson.

“I came down with a company where I was the sales and marketing manager,” she said. “Then I decided to just go out on my own again. It always works out well for me.”

While specializing in granite and marble, Johnson’s showroom will offer more than stone.

“In addition to granite and marble, I do picture framing and custom mirrors,” said Johnson. “I’m also a dealer for Atlantic Shutter Systems, which offers decorative and functional shutters with a storm-rated option.”

The Distinctive Decor Group showroom, which should open by mid-May, will be located on the second floor of The Marketplace, where St. John Cabinets and Interiors is currently located.

While St. John Cabinets, owned by Debbie Grammer, will move to the former location of the Artists’ Association of St. John, a connection will remain between the two home-needs showrooms, explained Johnson.

St. John Cabinets Connection
“I know Debbie (Grammer) through the business — she sends people to me and I send people to her,” Johnson said. “She needed a bigger space and it was just kind of natural for me to take her small space. We’re going to connect the showrooms so clients will be able to flow through to both spaces.”

At least two aspects of Distinctive Decor Group set it apart from other home stores, according to Johnson.

“I think the selection for one and the wonderful customer service for two are the things that really set me apart,” she said. “For selection, I have 150 different stones from all over the world — from Italy, Brazil, Turkey, Spain and other countries. Also, my moulding selection is really unique.”

Italian Mouldings
“I have hand-finished Italian mouldings that are just beautiful,” Johnson continued. “I have selections that nobody else here has — and stone too.”

Look for Johnson to expand her selection even further by adding interior window options in the future.

Once open, the Distinctive Decor Group showroom will be open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Johnson will be available for consultations and design sessions by appointment.

“This ensures that we have ample time to devote to each project,” said Johnson. “Clients can schedule design sessions at the showroom or at their homes or offices.”

Catering to Clients’ Needs
The importance and the variety of her work keep Johnson energetic and excited.

“I love this field,” said Johnson. “Even though it might not seem so, every project is different. The clients’ needs are different and the clients’ wants are different.”

“The challenge of giving clients exactly what they want is very exciting,” she added.

For more information about Distinctive Decor Group, or to schedule a consultation with Johnson, call 779-1400.