Community Reeling In Disbelief and Disappointment

Open Letter to Senators Carmen Wesselhoft and Louis Hill,

St. John is reeling in disbelief and grievous disappointment at the unannounced and obviously-manipulated Senate vote on Tuesday, minutes before the body adjourned. The entire circus of the developers’ repeated and flagrant disregard for our island and its infrastructure galvanized this community last year against Sirenusa’s request for a zoning variance.

Despite the recommendations of the V.I.’s Department of Planning and Natural Resources — despite the Senate’s own legal counsel — and, despite the huge public outcry, it is obvious that the arrogance and greed of the developer and his “team” have spread like a cancer to 13 of our elected Senators.

To Louis Hill — Thank you for remaining true to your campaign promise. You alone have the respect of the St. John community on this vote. We are grateful to you for doing your job, studying the issues and voting as people the who elected you desire and wish.

To Carmen Wesselhoft — What you stand for in your vote and swaying the St. Croix Senators, who, obviously did NOT do their homework, is irresponsibility. You have demonstrated zero respect for the quality of life on the St. John community — or for the fragile St. John infrastructure that Sirenusa will use to provide its water, power, waste treatment, emergency fire access/egress, etc. You say you are prepared to start taking a look at fairness, consistency and a moratorium on future development — but it is too late. What an insult now that you have thrown the door wide open to the selling off of St. john.

Cid Hamling
St. John