COVID Creativity: Painting by Susan Edwards

Beachcombings. Watercolor on paper. Susan Edwards. 2020.

“Like the quarantine, this project has often felt endless. Walking and swimming at Magens Bay most mornings at 6 a.m. has been the most reassuring element of my routine for these 10 weeks as travel plans were cancelled, rescheduled and cancelled again. Collecting unusual shells and shell fragments as I walk to one end of the beach and tucking them into my bathing suit for the swim back, then being somewhat surprised at what falls out in the shower give me great pleasure. Because I am a visual artist, I feel compelled to also arrange and then draw and paint these treasures. This has been my largest undertaking this year and, like the pandemic, has felt overwhelming at times. Watercolor takes patience and often I was too distracted to paint even one shell. Some days I could paint two or three in a sitting. I feel a sense of accomplishment seeing these three dimensional objects represented on a two dimensional surface and am amazed at the variety of design and color.”

– Susan Edwards

Susan Edwards is a visual artist on St. Thomas.