COVID Creativity: Poem by Filippo Cassinelli

COVID Creativity is a new Source arts feature highlighting the work of our creative readers as they respond to a time of global pandemic. All visual artists and creative writers are encouraged to share with us new works that have been created as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Poetry and creative prose submissions are limited to 1,500 words and should include a brief bio of the writer.

Visual art submissions should include at least one high quality image or video and a very brief bio along with an artist’s statement that speaks to the inspiration of the work. The statement should include the title if there is one, the medium used and what the work means to you.

Please send submissions and questions to [email protected]


YEAR 2020

Filippo Cassinelli

Sleep away

I sail
over aqua
white pillows
sea foam

Thundering hooves

spring blooms
six feet

I am on
my own

mouth stained
with words

I speak
my being there
in blue


Filippo Cassinelli is a Source reader on St. Thomas.