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Senate: Meeting Postponed

July 9, 2020 @ 9:00 am



The committee has scheduled a meeting to receive testimony and consider the following bills:


Bill No. 33-0305 – An Act amending the Virgin Islands Code, Titles 9 and 27 pertaining to traders in gold and other valuable items by establishing stronger requirements (Proposed by Senator Steven D. Payne Sr.)

Bill No. 33-0325 – An Act amending Title 23, Virgin Islands Code, chapter 10, subchapter 1, relating to emergencies and major disasters by adding a section 1017 to prohibit unconscionable pricing of goods and services during a declaration of a state of emergency (Proposed by: Senator Alicia V. Barnes)

Bill No. 33-0111 – An Act amending Title 19, part VI, of the Virgin Islands Code, by adding a new chapter 56B requiring that the Waste Management Authority designate disposal sites throughout the territory for waste tires, and creating the Waste Tire Management and Disposal Fund (Proposed by Senator Novelle E. Francis Jr.; co-sponsored by Senator Allison L. DeGazon)

Bill No. 33-0198 – An Act amending Title 14, chapter 7, section 192 of the Virgin Islands Code by increasing the penalty for the illegal importation of snakes and imposing penalties for the importation of animals or species not indigenous of the Virgin Islands which may pose a threat to the ecosystem of the Virgin Islands and the people of the Virgin Islands (Proposed by Senator Athneil “Bobby” Thomas)

Bill No. 33-0300 – An Act amending Title 27, Virgin Islands Code, chapter 9, subchapter I, by adding section 305d to establish a numerical limitation on licenses issued for gasoline stations within the District of Christiansted and Frederiksted and St. Thomas-St. John (Proposed by Senator Janelle K. Sarauw)

Bill No. 33-0108 – An Act amending Title 12, chapter 10, section 402 of the Virgin Islands Code, by requiring owners of shoreline property to provide the public with suitable access to the shorelines, imposing fines for failure to comply with this requirement, and granting the Department of Planning and Natural Resources enforcement and investigative authority regarding shoreline access (Sponsored by senators Janelle K. Sarauw, Novelle E. Francis Jr., Myron D. Jackson and Kurt A. Vialet; co-sponsored by: senators Alicia V. Barnes and Marvin A. Blyden

LUNCH – 1 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Bill No. 33-0272 – An Act amending the Virgin Islands Code Title 30, chapter1, subchapter I, relating to public utilities adding section 1a to enact the Virgin Islands Ratepayers’ Bill of Rights; amending section 23 relating to powers of the Public Services Commission; adding subsection (c) to authorize the Public Services Commission to resolve ratepayers’ complaints; and amending chapter 5, subchapter II, section 105 relating to the powers of the Virgin Islands Ratepayers’ Bill of Rights (Proposed by senators Alicia V. Barnes and Kenneth L. Gittens; co-sponsored by Senator Marvin A. Blyden)

Bill No. 33-0115 – An Act amending Title 24, chapter 14, of the Virgin Islands Code, by inserting a new section 384 relating to the transfer of the Virgin Islands Labor Management Committee as a division within the Public Employees Relations Board (Proposed by Senator Kurt A. Vialet)

Bill No. 33-0304 – An Act amending Title 20, Virgin Islands Code, chapter 37, subchapter I, relating to the regulation of automobiles for hire to provide for a special after-hours digital taxi network service (Sponsored by Senator Javan E. James Sr.)


University of the Virgin Islands Great Hall
Albert Sheen Campus
St. Croix,