Fiber Optic Cable Deployment Project Planned at Centerline and Bethany

The purpose of the project is cold milling and asphalt installation, which will begin at Centerline intersection with Dirt Road to Susannaberg Cell Site. (next to the clinic) The project goes downhill up to the intersection with Bethany Church entrance. From Bethany Church entrance it goes up to St. John West Cell Site.

The work will take place from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., July 13 through July 25. The project will include excavations to install conduits, pull boxes and fiber optic cables.

Motorists can expect delays due to partial road closures and lane closures. Please exercise caution when traveling in these locations.

Summary: New Fiber Optic cable deployment to interconnect existing cell sites with the purpose of creating a more robust network, which will improve capacity, reliability, resiliency and increase the performance of the existing communication network during natural disasters situations.

It will also set the base for the future deployment of new network technologies in the USVI. Phase I of the project includes some milling and re-asphalt/road reconstruction where the roadway has been impacted. Roads will be partially closed for safety reasons. No parking will be allowed during project working hours. All vehicles must be removed prior to the beginning of construction.

Contractor: Bermudez Longo Diaz – Masso Inc.

Project Owner: AT&T Mobility, USVI.