Guy Benjamin School Celebrates Week of the Young Child

On “Turn Around Day,” a student played the roll of Principal, above.

The Guy Benjamin School family celebrated the Week of the Young Child with fun activities daily last week, culminating in an impressive talent show on Friday, April 20.

After distributing special T-shirts to each student on Monday, it was time for a switch around on Tuesday.


Principal Dionne Wells dressed as a student during the festivities for “Turn Around” day.

Things looked a bit out of order on “Turn Around Day,” Tuesday, April 17, as students dressed like teachers and school professionals — including Acting Principal Dionne Wells — dressed like students.


One GBS student acted as a mime.

The fun lasted through the middle of the week with cultural day on Wednesday and a heated food and beverage competition on Thursday, April 19.


GBS’s K-1 Sings “Make New Friends But Keep the Old.”

Students were busy all week perfecting their skills for the big talent show in front of the whole school on Friday morning, and it was worth it.


Second grader Tariq Calixte shows the school how to freestyle dance.

The students showed exemplary talents ranging from singing and dancing to pantomime.


Jza’Nee Matthias models during the talent show.

Second graders kicked things off by leading the Pledge of Allegiance and performing the entire Virgin Islands March.


Miss Anthony twirls for students and staff.

Lisa Penn’s fifth graders took center stage with the first of a two-part skit about the Old Woman in the Shoe — none other than Penn herself.


Second grader Oliver Oat performs on the piano for the school’s talent show.

Patrice Harley’s kindergarten and first grade class sang touching rounds of “Make New Friends But Keep The Old.”


GBS boys show their talent with basketball.

Several twirling champs wowed the crowd with their baton skills and there was no shortage of Love City Leapers who showed serious talent on their jump ropes.


Nurse Brown recites her own poetry.

Second grader Oliver Oat performed “Five Hunting Hounds” on the piano and the six members from the school on the undefeated Umoja basketball team strutted their stuff.


GBS Teachers dress as rappers for the talent show.

Skills run high with the school’s staff as well. Nurse Linda Brown recited a few of her moving and emotional original poems.


Tennis attire was showcased and modeled during the show.

And teachers were not about to be left out of the fun. The talent show finale included a hilarious rap performed by the staff which sent the crowd roaring.