Is Recent Animal Abuse by Children of Abusers?


The St. John children recently seen abusing the iguana at the Pine Peace School basketball court (Tradewinds Sept. 3-16, page 24) or throwing the kitten in the ocean at Oppenheimer Beach and gleefully laughing at its mother’s desperate attempts to save her baby, are St. John children.

Could these be the same kids who sliced puppies’ ears off and tossed their agonizing bodies into a Centerline Road dumpster? Are these the boys who stabbed the kitten’s eyes out or hung a dog in Coral Bay?

Are these the sadists who torture, beat and razor blade the ears of pit bulls to “make dem mean?” Could these be the ones who have chained up so many dogs, without water or food, to die slowly and painfully in our scorching sun?

Wait! No, it couldn’t be the same kids. All those atrocities happened to St. John 10 to 20 years ago. The cruel little ones stoning the iguana at the basketball court last week and drowning the kitten at the beach last month must be the children of those abusers.
Anne Marie Porter