JFL Resumes Elective Surgeries and Outpatient Procedures

The JFL operating room staff undergo training on the hospital's new Storz Laparoscopic Tower on Thursday.
The JFL operating room staff undergo training on the hospital’s new Storz Laparoscopic Tower on Thursday. (JFL photo)

The Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital has resumed elective surgeries and outpatient procedures, effective Tuesday, the hospital announced in a news release.

Elective surgeries were temporarily restricted at JFL and across the country to conserve hospital beds, personal protective equipment, and other medical supplies during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Through the pandemic, JFL has performed urgent and emergent surgical cases. However, all other patients planning to have surgery or a procedure have had to place their medical care on hold,” interim Chief Executive Officer Dyma B. Williams said.

Williams said elective surgery does not mean the procedure is not necessary. It means that the surgery is planned and scheduled with advance notice.

“We are very happy to be able to, again, provide our community with the medical services they need to live safe, comfortable, and healthy lives. The JFL Team is proud to reinstate these services to our community,” she said.

In its Monday news release announcing the resumption, the hospital said before resuming elective surgeries at JFL, the first step was to ensure adequate resources would be available.

“Our resources have remained stable, making us well positioned to care for patients’ elective surgical needs,” Williams said.

In preparation for the return of elective surgeries, JFL developed a plan for safely delivering care in the surgical setting and developing new safety protocols for the safety of patients undergoing procedures involving anesthesia, which include:

– All persons entering JFL are required to wear a mask.

– All patients are screened for COVID-19 and are required to self-quarantine until their scheduled procedure. Elective procedures are postponed if a patient tests positive.

– Pre-operative surgical/procedural anesthesia interviews with the patient are completed by phone, with anesthesia physical assessments completed the day of the procedure.

– Visitation remains prohibited. In order to limit the number of people in the hospital waiting areas, only one support person is permitted for patients age 17 and younger, laboring mothers, NICU patients and patients who are incapacitated.

– Physicians and staff are screened daily and wear the recommended personal protective equipment at all times.

– Additional cleaning and disinfection measures are being performed in the operating rooms, waiting rooms and common areas.

The hospital said patients who want to reschedule or schedule their elective surgery or outpatient procedure should contact their surgeon/physician.