Latest MaLinda Media Publication St. Thomas Magazine Amazes

Featuring high-quality over-sized glossy pages and the attention to detail which have become the benchmarks of MaLinda Media publications, the company unveiled its latest creation, St. Thomas Magazine, to much fanfare last week.
“I’m so proud of the magazine, I was literally moved to tears,” said St. Thomas florist Felipe Ayala. “It reminded me of the St. Thomas I grew up on. I’m so proud of it.”

With editorial ranging from “Petit-Sturm House: A Date with Destiny,” featuring Philip Sturm’s incredible antique-filled home, to the luscious “Garden of Good Eating,” about the We Grow Food, Inc. cooperative, and the renowned work of “Zora the Sandal Maker,” St. Thomas Magazine is a true page turner.

Celebrating Diversity
“I really enjoyed reading the all new St. Thomas Magazine on the flight back to JFK — and so did the person sitting next to me,”  said Patrick Kidd, Caneel Bay Resort’s director of sales and marketing. “It truly presents St. Thomas in a different way that celebrates not only the beauty of our natural resources, but also the creativity and diversity of the people and heritage of St. Thomas.”

“Kudos to you and your wonderful and inspired team,” said Kidd.

The publishing house behind the acclaimed St. John Magazine, MaLinda Media obviously has the recipe for creating exquisite publications — gorgeous photography that leaps from the page and insightful writing from contributors who intimately know their subjects. 

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A Little Bit of Everything
“I think the magazine is fantastic,” said Teri Gibney, owner of Gibney Beach Villas. “It covers a little bit of everything about St. Thomas. It really gives you a feel for the whole island.”

Highlights in the premier edition of St. Thomas Magazine include the evocative spread “Fishing with the Frenchies,” about the community which has supplied St. Thomas with fish for centuries and “Virgin Islands Cooperative,” which showcases the rich history and talented craftspeople of the island.

“The collection of articles and images were superb and clearly from individuals with a great love of the island,” said Fraser Drummond. “MaLinda was able to capture the quality and fabric of St. Thomas and what makes it absolutely unique in the world. Personally, I was very pleased to see the various tradition, culture and history bearers profiled.”

“It’s apparent that the thrust of the first issue was to describe, recognize and honor the rich and varied layers of St. Thomian society and the sometimes overlooked natural beauty of the island,” Drummond said.

Sailing takes center stage in the magazine with “The 35th Annual Rolex Regatta,” featuring the premier sporting event in the territory and an interview with famed skipper St. Thomas-native Peter Holmberg.

“I have to say, the photography and quality of your magazine is absolutely amazing,” said the sailor’s wife Denise Holmberg. “I will make sure Peter gets to read a copy on his return to the island as he is currently racing in New Zealand.”

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Beaches and Snorkeling
Starting with the striking cover of a Don Hebert image of the bow of a boat juxtaposed by another vessel in the background, St. Thomas Magazine is a treasure on each page.

And Nelson did not forget about the island’s beauty. “St. Thomas Beaches,” and “A Few Great Spots for Fun Snorkeling” showcase some of the most picturesque locations on the island both above and below the ocean’s surface.

The yearly publication hit newsstands on Monday, February 2, and was an instant hit with popular local radio personality Addie Ottley raving about the magazine mere minutes after receiving a copy.

“Face to Face”

Even after MaLinda Media publisher MaLinda Nelson called the show, Ottley wasn’t finished praising the magazine. He showed 30 photographs from the alluring publication on his TV show “Face to Face” on Wednesday evening, February 4.

“The magazine is fantastic,” said Ottley. “It’s of the highest-quality. It can compare with any magazine out there on the national level and it benefits the Virgin Islands.”

“St. Thomas Magazine really promotes the Virgin Islands and not just as far as tourism, but in terms of culture and the beauty of the island,” Ottley said. “It’s a real paradise here and it’s finally being shown off thanks to MaLinda.”

The True Virgin Islands
Nelson struck the perfect balance between intimate historical features like the “Childhood Days,” by Julie Woods Duke and “Reminiscing with an Island Elder: Mr. Alton A. Adams Jr.,” and cutting edge spreads like the sizzling “Caribbean Catwalk” showcasing V.I. Fashion Week.

“It’s an awesome magazine,” said Sol Duxani. “I really love it. I think it brings us to understand what the true Virgin Islands is all about in its natural form, not just commercially.”
After years of suffering an image problem, St. Thomas seems to be on the right track now, according to Ayala.

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Introducing St. Thomas to the World
“For St. Thomas to be a viable destination in the international community, people need to get reassociated with the island,” said the St. Thomas business owner. “I think we’ve lost sight of what and who St. Thomas is, but now St. Thomas Magazine has pointed us in the right direction.”

“This magazine recognizes the simple things about the Virgin Islands which make where we live so great,” Ayala said. “Everyone I know wants copies of it. It’s just incredible.”

St. Thomas Magazine is available on St. John at Starfish Market, Starfish Gourmet and Wines, Papaya Cafe, The Mail Center, Lily’s Market and Keep Me Posted.

On St. Thomas, the publication can be found at Chelsea Drug Store, Marina Market, Zora’s, Philip Sturm Studio, Dockside Bookshop and Roses Too.

More Ahead for MaLinda Media
While St. Thomas Magazine will be on the newsstands for a year, don’t expect Nelson to rest on her laurels. The Spring/Summer 2009 St. John Magazine is already underway and the publisher is being encouraged to showcase the “big island.”

“I can’t wait for MaLinda to do a St. Croix magazine to finish the triad,” said Ayala. “We are one Virgin Islands, but MaLinda’s magazines showcase the individuality of each island. They are publications we can all be proud of.”

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