Many Familiar Faces Among 2020 Candidates

Voters fill in their ballots at the Gladys Abraham Elementary School Polling site inside UVI's Sports and Fitness Center.
Voters fill in their ballots at the Gladys Abraham Elementary School Polling site inside UVI’s Sports and Fitness Center.

There are numerous incumbents and former office holders on the list of Virgin Islanders who have filed nomination papers to run for office in the 2020 primary and general election. Here they are. Incumbents and former office holders are marked in bold.

St. Thomas Offices

Delegate to Congress
Stacey Plaskett (Incumbent)
Shekema M. George, no party

Stedmann Hodge, Jr. (Incumbent) Democrat
Shirley M. Sadler, Democrat
Athneil “Bobby” Thomas (Incumbent) Democrat
Jonathan P. Tucker, Jr., Democrat
Dwayne M. DeGraff (Incumbent), Independent
Ray Fonseca, Independent, a former Housing Authority head, businessman and economist. Warren Mosler’s gubernatorial running mate. He ultimately endorsed Gov. Kenneth Mapp.
Janelle K. Sarauw (Incumbent) Independent
Lawrence “Larry” Boschulte, Democrat
Wayne “Facts Man” Adams, ICM
Irvin Mason, Independent
Alma Francis Heyliger, Virgin Islands United
Milton Potter, Democrat, former head of the Bureau of Internal Revenue, former Cruzan Rum chief financial officer
Donna Frett Gregory (Incumbent) Democrat
Patrick Sprauve (former senator), Democrat
Marvin Blyden (Incumbent), Democrat
Jean Forde (Incumbent) Democrat
Carla Joseph, Democrat
Stephen “Smokey” Frett (former senator), ICM
Legislature, At Large Seat: Steven D. Payne, (Incumbent) Independent

Board of Elections
Arturo Watlington (Incumbent) Democrat Board of Elections
Alecia Wells (Incumbent) Independent, Board of Elections
Shena George Esannason, Independent, Board of Elections

Board of Education
Eugene Farrell, Independent
Nandi Sekou (former member) Democrat
Judith Edwin, Democrat
Kyza Callwood (Incumbent) Democrat
Angel L. Bolques, Democrat, At Large
Arah C. Lockhart (Incumbent), Democrat
Lydia A. Hendricks (Incumbent), Independent

St. Thomas Democratic Party Offices
Ivan Williams, Territorial Committee, (District)
Edgar “Baker” Phillips, District Chair
Roger Minkoff Territorial Committee, (District)
Angel L. Bolques, Jr., National Committee Man
Rudolph Anthony Greene, Territorial Committee, At Large
Glenn Smith, State Chair
Sandra T Thomas-Mason, Territorial Committee, (District)
Stevlyn Parris, Territorial Committee, (District)
Doris Bedminster, Territorial Committee, (District)
Riise Richards, Territorial Committee, At Large
Randolph N. Bennett, District Chair
DeShaun A. Smith, Territorial Committee, (District)
Kiese Sam, Territorial Committee, (District)
Barbara A. Petersen, Territorial Committee, At Large
Kevin A. Rodriguez, Territorial Committee, At Large

St. Thomas Republican Party Offices
Gordon P. Ackley, State Chair
Antoinette Gumbs Hecht, National Committee Woman
John Yob, National Committee Man

St. Croix Offices

Delegate to Congress
Stacey Plaskett (Incumbent)
Shekema M. George, no party

Kurt Vialet, (Incumbent) Democrat,
Michael J. Springer, Jr., (Frequent candidate) no party,
Samuel “Sam” Carrion, no party,
Novelle E. Francis Jr., (Incumbent) Democrat
Franklin D. Johnson, no party
Oakland Benta, (Incumbent) Democrat
Allison L. DeGazon, (Incumbent) Democrat
John McCoy, Republican
Kenneth L. Gittens, (Incumbent) Democrat
Genevieve Whitaker, Democrat
Alicia “Chucky” Hansen, (former senator, convict, pardoned by governor) no party
Norman Jn Baptiste, (former senator) no party
Javan E. James, (Incumbent) Democrat
Devin Carrington, no party, former commissioner of Licensing and Consumer Affairs
Clint Ferris, no party
Andrew John, Democrat
Troy C. Williams, Democrat
James Wakefield, no party
Legislature, At Large Seat: Steven D. Payne (Incumbent)

Board of Education
Mary L. Moorhead, (Incumbent) ICM
Karen Chancellor, Democrat
Shawna K. Richards, Democrat
Imani Heath, Democrat
Emmanuella Perez-Cassius, Democrat

Board of Elections
Martial A. Webster, Sr., (Incumbent) no party
Lilliana Belardo De O’Neal, (former member) Republican
Epiphane Joseph, (Incumbent) no party
Lisa Harris-Moorhead, (Incumbent), Democrat
Glenn Webster, (Incumbent) Republican

St. Croix Democratic Party
Florine M Audain Hassell, Territorial Committee, (District)
Cecil R. Benjamin, State Chair
Ophelia “Nemmy” Williams-Jackson, Territorial Committee (District) and Territorial Committee (At Large)
Donna Christensen (former delegate to Congress), National Committeewoman
Renee Petersen, District Chair
Sonia Boyce, Territorial Committee (District)
Elizabeth Centeno, Territorial Committee (District)
Jeanette K. Guzman, Territorial Committee (District)
Ashley Devoe Scotland, Territorial Committee (District)
Peter Abrahams, Territorial Committee (District)
Carol Burke, National Committeewoman, Territorial Committee (District)