More Lights Are Needed in Cruz Bay Village

Ronnie’s Pizza’s electric car was apparently sideswiped.

It is encouraging to see more exterior lighting on the office buildings in the downtown area — the latest being at Connections’ busy corner. Bright lights are a sign of welcome to the tourists and a message to those possible wrong-doers who might be wandering among the nighttime crowds. We do not tolerate petty thievery and worse on our island. Every merchant should share the responsibility with the police who patrol the streets. Areas around all structures must be illuminated at dark.

Trash Pickups Daily Show That Public Works Cares

The bin at Dolphin Market is really a target for the employees who want to practice their one-handed shots. How about folding the boxes before dropping them in! Ira Wade, Public Works Director, does his part in making sure that his men clear that corner bin out — he even emptied the trash bin from the Sprauve School annex — but I see that the men have forgotten it again! The young annex students need to know that those bags and boxes should be removed daily! Leona Smith, our administrator, has done a fine job of cleaning up the unnecessary signs on the streets — could she do something about the trash bins?

Enough Complaining — How About Some Good News

The St. Patty’s Day parade was overwhelming with Kevin Smith in a car and son, Daniel, leading the mob, passing out beads!

Baby News!

Another baby Daniel arrived in the Satyamuna vegetarian restaurant family on March 16 — big congratulations!

Beach Bar Talents

Wow! Did we hear a hot trombonist at Steve Simon’s Beach Bar blast on Sunday! Trained at Berklee College of Music, could he play!

Jonte Samuel, Avelino and Junie’s son, showed us how much he loves his tenor sax — we think that he grows a foot every week! The Spurs could use him!

Two gifted ladies sang — Sally and Sybil and, of course, Sally Smith, our queen of jazz, and Mr. Simon, who has a lovely voice. Beach Bar 4 to 7:30 p.m. every Sunday!

Congratulations to Our Own MaLinda

Addy Awards to our publisher for her St. John Magazine and St. John Tradewinds and guess what, she will present a second publication, St. Thomas Magazine, next winter! Congrats to Kate Norfleet for her Addy Award too!

We are proud of Hugo Roller Jr. who was accepted at the U.S. Naval Academy!

Easter Season Should Bring Spring Weather

Poor visitors who come for our hot sun and sea are shivering in the daily showers! Where’s the sun? Maybe the Blues Festival will bring it out!

Mystery of the Week

Ronnie — what happened to your cute little car? Is someone jealous?