Mrs. Cockayne Reacts to Boston’s Release


Did you hear the news? AG Frazer has quite a sense of humor. I hope he is still laughing when that murderer kills someone else. “Greetings,” is that appropriate? Is that a West Indian way, a culture thing? Or is he really mad and sticking it to us? At any rate, it will not play well in the states and I hope it plays worse down there. I think this is disgusting.

Jeanie Cockayne


Pursuant to your request, be advised that Anselmo Boston posted bail on Friday, August 24, and has been released from jail. His release is conditioned on him remaining under house arrest until the remote monitoring system is activated (ankle bracelet).
We made a decision not to renew our motion for detention to hold the defendant without bail, at this time. We believe that to do so at this time will negatively affect our efforts to get a guilty verdict in the case. This decision may be revisited as the matter proceeds. We are willing to accept that the $100,000 bail is adequate to insure the defendant’s appearance at trial.

Vincent Frazer
(V.I. Attorney General)