No V.I. Child Goes Hungry Initiative Concludes June 5, Resumes During Summer Months

The Department of Education will begin meal distribution to V.I. students on Thursday. (Shutterstock image)
The Department of Education will have lunch distribution to V.I. students during the summer months. (Shutterstock image)

The Virgin Islands Department of Education (DOE) will conclude its ‘No V.I. Child Goes Hungry’ Feeding Initiative on June 5, one day following the official June 4th closing of the 2019-2020 school year.

The successful feeding initiative is expected to resume during the summer months, but in a modified format, according to Assistant Education Commissioner Victor Somme III who oversees the program. Employees who prepare and distribute meals are contractually obligated to work for 10 months, with two months off during the summer.

Since its inception on March 26, a week following the closure of the territory’s public-school buildings due to COVID-19, thousands of breakfast and lunch meals have been served to Virgin Islands school-aged children, including those attending private and parochial schools.

Details of the resumption of the “No V.I. Child Goes Hungry” Feeding Initiative will be released at a later date.