Possible Nightclub and More VLTs Planned for Wharfside Landing

A new nightclub is possible for this Wharfside Landing site. St. John Tradewinds News Photo by Eliza Magro

Wharfside Landing might soon be the site of a new nightclub complete with Video Lottery Terminals.

While it remains unclear what exactly is happening, with the vacated spaces of the former Larry’s Landing, Galeria del Mar and Cruz Bay Clothing Company now joined, something big is definitely going on.

Although there have been rumors of a nightclub or even a casino opening in the space, Wharfside Landing owner Ed McKenzie did not return calls for comment.
Residents can rule out the possibility of a casino opening in Love City, since the industry is not allowed in the St. Thomas/St. John district, explained V.I. Lottery Commission Deputy Executive Director Lenyse Shomo.

“There are no casinos allowed on St. John,” said Shomo. “With the casino industry, when the government made the ruling allowing casinos on St. Croix, a moratorium was put in place for St. John and St. Thomas which has not been lifted.”

“It is my understanding that the whole situation would have to go back to the legislature to lift that moratorium,” Shomo continued.
Video Lottery Terminals — which have been popping up everywhere from Kilroy’s Laundry and Dry Cleaners to Fred’s Gaming Center — are allowed on island and there is no limit on how many.

“The cap is for the district of St. Thomas/St. John but it’s hard to say what that number is because the rules and regulations have not been promulgated yet,” said Shomo.

“Since they have not been finalized, that always leaves things open for change.”

Although there is no word on the number of VLTs which will be included in the new establishment, it seems certain they will be prominently featured in the planned

“Entertainment Center,” which Wharfside Landing management has supposedly been working on for more than a year.

Shomo, however, declined to comment on details of what is being proposed for the Wharfside space.

“Without official notice and since no license has been given to anyone to open anything there, it’s premature to comment now,” said Shomo. “Don’t worry though, it’s not scary.”

An official at Southland Gaming, the company which runs the local VLT industry, declined comment when contacted.

Galeria del Mar has closed and Larry’s Landing has moved across the street from Wharfside Landing. Cruz Bay Clothing Company relocated across the hall from its old space and is now located next door to Cruz Bay Photo.


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