Reasons Why Plastic Utensils Make No Sense

plastic utensils (schutterstock)

Mandatory use of disposable utensils:  As per the VI Department of Health.  This confuses me and leads me to ask why?

We currently have a solid waste problem: limited space in our landfills, a requirement to close them, a non-operational facility to bale and wrap the waste for that closer, possible closure of the Henry E. Rohlsen Airport, and, as I write this, the Anguilla Landfill is, again, ablaze.

The restaurant industry is in financial straits due to the original orders of stay at home, social distancing, take-out only and now dine in seating capacity limits.

Number one on the list for defense against COVID-19 (as per the WHO) is to wash your hands with soap and water.

Back to the disposable utensils order and its effects:

Environmentally by adding to an already overfilled and improperly designed landfill.

Economically by adding to the costs for restaurants.

If soap and water is good enough for hands, why not for dishes, glasses and silverware?

If the restaurants are property operated and regulated by the current health standards, why this added burden?

John Beagles, St. Croix