Second Annual Relay for Life Tally at $180,000 and Growing

St. John Relay for Life planning committee volunteers continue tallying up donations from the group’s second annual fundraiser for the local chapter of the American Cancer Society on February 11 and 12.

“So far we’re at $180,000 and we’re still counting,” said St. John Relay for Life planning committee chairperson Mary Bartolucci. “Some people are still getting their money in, so that amount will grow.”

Hundreds of residents packed a make shift track in Cruz Bay’s Winston Wells ball field starting at 4 p.m. on Saturday, February 11, and kept at least one person from their team walking around the track all the way until the closing ceremony at 10 a.m. on Sunday, February 12.

The all-night event strives to drive home the message that “cancer never sleeps” and the St. John event also illustrates how cancer affects everyone, explained Bartolucci.

“The event truly brings the whole community together because cancer does not discriminate,” she said. “Even our planning committee is made up of people of all different ages from all different backgrounds.

On the heel’s of the planning’s committee’s second successful Relay for Life, the group recently convened to congratulate itself and see what was up for next year, explained Bartolucci.

“We had a little get together last week for the Relay committee and everyone decided to come back again and plan the event next year,” she said. “It was amazing that everyone was back on board, so I told them if they were call coming back, then I would come back too.”

“The thing is, the committee is such a great group of people and there are no power plays and no games,” said Bartolucci. “Everyone did their jobs and they did them well. They are a great group of people to work with.”

While the committee’s full roster is set to return to their posts in the fall to start planning the third annual St. John Relay for Life, the group could use a few more volunteers to add as co-chairs, Bartolucci added.

“Some of the committee chairpersons might need some help, so we’ll need some co-chairs to help out,” she said.
With the now veteran Relay for Life planning committee on board for a third annual event in February 2013, supporters can expect another amazing event.

“When you get a group that works as well as we do, it’s like the dream team,” said Bartolucci. “Why mess it up?”
The group will take a much deserved several month break before regrouping in October to begin planning for the

Third Annual St. John Relay for Life. Anyone interested in joining the planning committee, should email Bartolucci at