Source Polls Inform Officials, Agencies and Community

Screen shot shows a Source poll.
Screen shot shows a Source poll.

The Source began using polls to determine what matters to readers at least as far back as 2001. They were recently resurrected in an effort to determine what is important to our readers relative to any number of issues.

People can only vote once and the Source plans to keep the poll open until we receive 1,000 votes. We will report back on the results thereafter.

Meanwhile, we hope our audience will make suggestions about possible future polls.

In the past we have addressed things such as senators’ allotments, fees for access at local beaches, government funding of carnival and a host of other diverse concerns.

Some of them were done for fun. For example,

The V.I. government should consider helping fund a visit here by:
1. Bill Bradley
2. Jimmy Carter
3. Louis Farrakhan
4. Rev. Jesse Jackson
5. Nelson Mandela
6. Subcommandante Marcos
7. Toni Morrison
8. Ralph Nader
9. Leonard Pitts

You can see how old this poll is. Some of these folks are no longer with us.

So, we are eager to have our readers participate in our new and improved polls, which you will find by scrolling down the front page below “the fold,” as we say, underneath the list of most recent local news stories.

We thank you in advance for your readership, interest and participation.

Disclaimer: Results of online polls, in which the participants are a self-selecting audience, are not considered statistically significant by professional pollsters.