St. George Village Botanical Garden Updates Public

St. George Village Botanical Garden flora

The St. George Village Botanical Garden staff is hard at work planning for the future of the garden in its various home offices as well as keeping the grounds in shape, watering as necessary and maintaining the 16 acres and facilities for when the Garden can open its gates again.

The Botanical Garden is proceeding with plans for summer events and is making contingency plans if the staff is not able to hold the largest fundraiser, the Mango Melee.

The Garden is recording a series of educational and fun videos of garden flora and fauna for weekly send outs to connect with people via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. (Be sure to like, follow and subscribe to the channels.)

A trail at St. George Village Botanical Garden on St. Croix

The staff is continuing to build on program and curriculum development and to build a new customer relationship management system that will lay the groundwork for better communication and connection with the great garden supporters.

Board members continue to meet – via phone or video conferencing – monthly, and it will be holding training for new board members.

The St. George Botanical Garden conservation project, the Virgin Island Rare Plant Initiative, is moving forward and is in the process of hiring a manager.

To check in, send an email, a message on the Facebook page or make a comment on one of the Garden’s Instagram posts or YouTube videos. The St. George Village Botanical Garden sends best wishes to all and looks forward to the day when everyone will be together again.