St. Thomas-St. John Historic Preservation Committee Gives Agenda for July 14 Meeting

Part of the history of the Virgin Islands

The St. Thomas-St. John Historic Preservation Committee (HPC) has announced that its monthly meeting will be held at 1 p.m., on Tuesday, July 14, at Fort Christian Museum, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas.  It will take place in the internal church to allow for social distancing.  Masks are mandatory.

Agenda—-Tuesday, July 14, 2020—–1 p.m.

HPC number: Address and Applicant                  Application for:

HPC-10-2020: Strand Gade 2                                 Signage  

Bahjat Abdel Muhsen/ Muhsen Supermarket

HPC-13-2020: Estate Dorothea 11-Rem.             Paint color,

Hannah Carty/ Dorothea Great House/               Signage 

Department of Agriculture

HPC-1-2019: Prindsens Gade 18-B and                 Asbestos     

Domini Gade 8-LB                                                                                                                 

Emanuel Rabbsatt

HPC-11-2020: Domini Gade 8 – ‘0’      Installation of solar panels

Emanuel Rabsatt

HPC-112-2020: Dronningens 37-B, KQPreservation historic wall,

Gwen Pittman/ Green Iguana Hotel          Making a new wall/   Installation of fence

HPC-9-2020: Intersection of Tolbod Gade,  ADA ramp

Toldbod Plasden/ Norre Gade, KQ

Jon Euwema/ H & C Distillery 

HPC-55-2004: Hospital Line 28                              2nd floor plan

Sean Krigger

Regjerings 8                                         Demolition of historic oven

Allan and Jostine Kilpatrick

If there are any questions, contact HPC Coordinator Patton Mulford, at 776-8605.