“Tash” Allen Saved Another Man’s Life Days Before Losing His Own

Joseph “Tash” Allen made a profound difference in a friend’s life just days before he was killed in a go-fast boat accident on April 21.

Allen saved the life of long-time friend Gregson Simon of Estate Grunwald on Tuesday, April 17, when Simon severely injured his left arm in a concrete pump truck.

Simon, a construction worker by trade, was pouring a concrete cistern at Allen’s Estate Grunwald home when the accident occurred.

“We were pouring some concrete, and after we finished, I got stuck in the pump truck’s piston,” said Simon. “Tash was there, and he got me out of the piston and went with me to the hospital. He made sure I got there.”

Simon’s friend “Janitor” drove him to the hospital once Allen had pulled him from the piston.

“It all happened in less than a minute,” said Simon.

Simon was quickly transferred to the R.L. Schneider Hospital on St. Thomas, where it became apparent he would lose his arm.

“It was attached by the skin, so it was basically off,” said Simon. “They tried to reattach it, and they weren’t successful. I lost my arm just below the elbow.”

Allen came to the hospital to visit Simon the day after the accident. This would be the last time Simon would see his friend alive.

Just four days later, Allen was killed when his go-fast boat, “Bad News Travels Fast,” hit a swell and became partially airborne, ejecting Allen from the vessel.

Simon, who spent two weeks in the hospital recovering, heard the news of Allen’s death just hours after the boat accident.

Not Ready To Mourn
“It was very hard,” said Simon. “It was like a bullet in my heart — like somebody shot me.”

Allen not only saved Simon’s life, the two were like family, Simon explained.

“Tash was like my son,” said Simon. “I’m the one who guided Tash through the journey called life. I’m the one who built the house he lived in.”

Simon is not ready to say goodbye to Allen just yet.

“I don’t want to mourn him,” said Simon. “I don’t want to think that he’s dead.”

Simon returned to St. John in time for Allen’s funeral, but was unable to attend.

Remembering Allen
“I was on the island, but my strength was not there,” said Simon. “I chose not to go because my strength would have failed me.”

Simon has recovered from his accident and is anxious to go back to work, he explained.

“I am doing great,” said Simon. “I am not in pain. I’m just here waiting for the day the doctor says, ‘okay, you can go back to work now.’”

Allen should be remembered for his loving, caring nature, Simon explained.

“If I want the world to know anything about Tash, it’s that he was one of the most loving young men,” said Simon. “He was the most caring man I ever came into contact with. He would give his heart just to make you feel good.”