Thankspigging Tradition Continues in Coral Bay

The annual Coral Bay community feast will once again feed a crowd this year on Thanksgiving Day.

A failed attempt to set the Guinness Book of World Records’ largest potluck record hasn’t scared Ken Yolman away from hosting the biggest island feed of the year.

Despite wide-spread speculation that last year’s Thankspigging was the final one, the annual Coral Bay community potluck dinner is on for Thursday, November 24, after all!

Yolman originally opened his home for people with no where to go on Thanksgiving to join the local architect in a potluck. That was about 13 years ago and after hosting the Thanksgiving party at his Coral Bay home for a few years, the crowd outgrew Yolman’s abode.

So he moved the party down the road a piece to Skinny Legs, which is closed on Thanksgiving Day, but allows Yolman the use of the facility. Of course, the party had to take on a distinctive Coral Bay style — roasted pig alongside the traditional bird —  and Thankspigging was born.

This year will be the 11th annual feed at Skinny Legs and is sure to draw another near record-breaking crowd armed with pies, casseroles, mashed potatoes and more.

Reluctant to spearhead the entire event himself again, Yolman decided to keep Thankspigging alive as long he got assistance.

“Someone asked me while cleaning Skinny’s after the party last year if I would be interested doing it again next year if he formed a group to donate time and money,” said Yolman.

Loud complaints from Coral Bay residents might have had something to do with Yolman’s decision as well.

“During the past year there was a very strong current of people voicing their desire to keep the Coral Bay community tradition alive,” he said. “More people asked again last month. Mark Maunder enlisted a group of people that would like to be sponsors and said they’d kick me upstairs, CEO, a figure head and I didn’t have to do anything except show up.”

“So Thankspigging 11’ is on again and I’ll be as involved as ever,” said Yolman. “I am extremely happy and grateful the community will continue this Thanksgiving tradition.”

While no one is attempting immortality in the pages of the Guinness Book of World Records this year, anyone going to Thankspigging can expect a crowd, explained Yolman.

“Last year we attempted to break the Guinness World Record for The Largest Pot Luck Party which stood at 479 participants at a party in New York City,” Yolman said. “We turned out 420, which is 10 percent of our island. Not a bad number for little Coral Bay.”

Back on the Thankspigging menu this year is the namesake 100-pound pig, along with goat and even some alligator. Attendees are also asked to bring their best dish, Yolman added.

“If you are able, please prepare whatever you think you cook the best to share,” he said. “Everyone is invited to join us to feed at 4 p.m. Coral Bay Time on Thanksgiving Day.”

This year organizers are seeking sponsors and accepting donations. Sponsors can call Yolman at 779-7445. There will also be T-shirts at Thankspigging for sale to help fund the event.