Unity is the Mantra for St. John Yoga Teachers


Yoga teachers across St. John share information on this new website.

Promoting good health and inner peace to all the residents and visitors of St. John are two key objectives for all the St. John yoga teachers.

Getting the word out, however, to people about when, where and what yoga classes are available on the island was a real challenge. So the St. John yoga teachers united and together formed Do Yoga St. John website, doyogastjohnvi.com, a yoga community website communicating the when, where, what and who for all the yoga classes and events on St. John. 

The website contains a full daily calendar of all the regular yoga classes with information about each yoga teacher’s certification, styles, and experience. The website also provides information on the locations for yoga on the island.

The yoga community has already organized two events: with Sacred Sounds in April at Concordia Eco-Resort; and Sacred Mother in May at Maho Bay Campgrounds. The next event is Ayurveda: Now is the Time to Balance which is happening the first weekend in August at Concordia Eco-Resort.

Many more events are planned for the rest of the year including yoga for back pain, participating in Peace Day – Global Mala and awakening the artist within. In addition to the website, all can join the Do Yoga St. John Facebook page. Facebook is a perfect venue for all the yoga teachers and locations to update class information, to post recent pictures and to provide details of upcoming yoga events. 

For more information about yoga, check the website or contact nancy@doyogastjohnvi.com.