USVI COVID-19 Count Unchanged For Past 5 Days

As more and more test results come back, the number of Virgin Islanders confirmed positive is holding at 51, unchanged for the past five days. The proportion of tests coming back positive appears to be declining.

On Saturday, the Department of Health reported 51 confirmed COVID-19 infections and 299 negative test results, with just under 15 percent of coming up positive. Additional test results came in Monday and Tuesday, with no new positive results yet. Now 331 have tested negative out of 382 test results, for 13 percent of all test results.

For comparison, on April 5, there were 42 confirmed cases, with 206 negative results, so 17 percent of results were positive. April 2, when there were 37 confirmed cases and more than 19 percent of all tests had come back positive.