VI Lottery Postpones Drawing No. 955 From April 2 to April 16

A sheet of V.I. Lottery tickets for the upcoming March 5 drawing that boasts a $175,000 grand prize. (From V.I. Lottery Facebook Page)
A sheet of V.I. Lottery tickets (From VI Lottery Facebook Page)

The VI Lottery Commission, at an emergency meeting held on March 30, made the decision to postpone drawing No. 955 (Bloom with Luck Ticket) from April 2 to April 16. This is attributed to the current coronavirus pandemic.

Dealers’ special numbers will be available for pick up until Wednesday, April 8.

The VI Lottery office will continue to be open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The VI Lottery is continuing to follow the guidance of the V.I. Department of Health practicing social distancing. No more than five patrons are allowed into the lobby at a time.

If anyone is experiencing any of the signs and symptoms, please seek immediate help and self-isolate.

If there are any questions, call 774-2502 on St. Thomas or 778-6360 on St. Croix.