V.I. Advisory Panel on Special Education Seeks Members

The United States Virgin Islands Department of Education

The Virgin Islands Department of Education, State Office of Special Education (VIDE/SOSE), is seeking members to serve on the Virgin Islands Advisory Panel on Special Education (VIAPSE) for a two-year term. The maximum membership for the panel is 35.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires that each state establish and maintain an advisory panel for the purpose of advising the state special education staff regarding the education of eligible children with disabilities. Federal regulations (34 C.F.R. §300.169) define responsibilities for each state panel as follows:

Advise the state on unmet needs in the education of children with disabilities,

Comment publicly on any rules and regulations proposed by the state regarding the education of children with disabilities,

Advise the state in developing evaluations and reporting on data as required by federal special education laws,

Advise the state in developing corrective action plans for the U.S. Department of Education, and

Advise the state in developing and implementing policies relating to coordination of services for children with disabilities.

Under the federal regulations, the advisory panel, whose members must be appointed by the governor or any other individual under state law who is authorized to make such appointments, must be representative of the state population and must be composed of parents of children with disabilities (ages birth through 21) or individuals with disabilities who make up the majority of the membership.

Other members needed for the V.I. Advisory Panel on Special Education include: a teacher, a representative of higher education, state and local officials who carry out McKinney-Vento activities, administrator of programs for people with disabilities, not less than one representative organizations concerned with transition services,  representatives of private schools, vocational businesses, a state child welfare agency, representatives of the state juvenile and adult corrections agencies, a representative of the protection and advocacy system, and a representative of the parent training and information center.

Anyone interested in serving on the special education advisory panel should email [email protected] or call 774-0100, ext. 8800.