VIWMA Reminds Residents to Properly Dispose of Household Trash

A 64-gallon trash bin

The Virgin Islands Waste Management Authority Preserving Paradise team reminds the community that proper waste disposal is a personal responsibility that can negatively impact public health, specifically that of the VIWMA’s dedicated personnel and service providers. At this time, when the world is dealing with the effects of COVID-19, it is imperative that we pay attention to household waste disposal practices to reduce negative health and environmental impacts.

Residents are asked to properly dispose of household waste in garbage bags that are then tightly sealed and disposed of at one of the islands’ convenience centers or bin sites. Residents receiving house-to-house collection are asked to place sealed garbage bags into a 64-gallon trash receptacle and close it securely. The receptacles are left curb side on the resident’s assigned pickup day.

As a reminder, for households utilizing house-to-house collection, a resident is allowed a maximum of two 64-gallon trash receptacles placed curbside. In the case of apartment buildings up to three units, the residents are allowed a maximum of one 64-gallon receptacle per unit. For buildings with four or more units, including commercial and industrial structures, owners are reminded to utilize a private permitted and licensed waste hauler to collect and dispose of waste.

It is a violation to dispose of commercial or business waste at a public bin site. Citations for this unlawful behavior begin at $1,000 per violation.

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