Wear Denim on Wednesday to Show Support for Victims of Sexual Assault

Denim Day is April 29

Family Resource Center is asking people to use social media to post a photo of themself wearing denim to show support for the victims of sexual assault. Please do the following to help the cause:

→ Post a picture of yourself on social media in denim and blue/teal with the hashtags #SAAM #CAPM #DenimDayUSVI on Wednesday, April 29.

→ Don’t engage in gossip about victims or use sexually oppressive language

→ If you encounter a victim or survivor, don’t judge them or ask them ‘why’ they did or did not take certain actions; simply say “I’m here for you,” or ask “How can I help?”

→ If you are a victim of sexual assault on St. Thomas, St. John or Water Island, contact Family Resource Center at 776-3966 or Women’s Coalition of St. Croix at 773-9272

→ If you struggle with abusive behaviors, contact Men Terminating Violence at 776-3966

→ Keep a positive attitude daily, speak words of kindness and conduct acts of love.

Make a Denim Day Donation today. PayPal to [email protected] or mail a check to Family Resource Center at 2317 Commandant Gade, St. Thomas, VI 00802.