116-Slip Coral Bay Marina LLC’s CZM Application Deemed Incomplete Again

Coral Bay Marina LLC’s Coastal Zone Management major application to construct a 116-slip marina along the shoreline in Coral Bay adjacent to Island Blues Restaurant has been deemed incomplete for the second time, according to Victor Somme, director of CZM. Coral Bay Marina LLC, was notified in early September about the deficiencies in their application and have 90 days to address CZM’s concerns, Somme added. “We have notified them for the second time that we have found deficiencies in their application and we are waiting for them to reply,” said Somme, adding that he could not specify the deficiencies because it would be a “disservice to the applicant.” Questions Answered Coral Bay Marina LLC’s CZM major application was not deemed incomplete, according to the development company’s managing partner. “We answered the questions they had from the first application and then they asked us more questions,” said Robert O’Connor Jr., who would not comment on the specific nature of the CZM complaints. “The application remains the same, they just had more concerns.” The company’s previous application was deemed incomplete by CZM due to a lack of adequate parking and the issue of storing dredged materials from the bay. Both of those issues have been resolved, according to O’Connor. “We have dealt with the parking issue and are suggesting that we extend the dock out a bit further to have less impact on the sea grass and less dredging because it would be in deeper water,” O’Connor said. The dredged material would be deposited in a sheet pile which will be constructed in the area, continued O’Connor. “We are also suggesting that we put a sheet pile up on the area and deposit the dredged material there,” said Coral Bay Marina LLC’s managing partner, explaining that a sheet pile consists of metal sheets which are driven down through the ground surface and dredged soil is deposited beneath the metal. Third Submission in October Although O’Connor would not give a definite timeline for the marina application, he said that he will be meeting with the CZM director and hopes to have the third application complete by the end of October. “I am going to make an appointment to see Mr. Somme to clear this up – we are hoping to have everything complete by next month,” said O’Connor. Once the application is received by CZM and deemed complete, a public hearing will be held within 60 days to discuss the proposed Coral Bay marina.