14th Annual JESS Benefit Gala Set for April 16 at Caneel Bay

The 14th Annual Julius E. Sprauve School Benefit Gala will be on Saturday, April 16, 2011 at Caneel Bay Resort.

This year’s theme is “Together we can make a difference as our children reach for the stars.” As always the funds raised this year designated to the school are disbursed through an independent community committee whose job it is to assure all funds are used in a prudent manner.

Last year’s goals, which were to complete work on a school fitness center, introduce an elementary playground and establish an annual scholarship, are still underway. Because the gala did not garner sufficient funds to underwrite all the projects, JESS officials decided to prioritize and start with the playground project.

The fitness center will be listed as one of this year’s goals. Exciting news is expected shortly and an open house to showcase recent accomplishments will be announced. The school did manage to continue its agreement for a part-time school psychologist who provides invaluable service for students, parents and staff.

This year’s gala committee has agreed to enhance the JESS community in the following areas. Renovate and convert the Mac Computer Lab to a PC Lab. The current lab is out-dated and it is extremely difficult and costly to purchase software to support the platform (particularly since the entire district operates on a PC platform).

Funds will also be used to invest in electronic books for Pre-advance Placement Class (secondary), English Language Learners and Gifted and Talented Class (elementary). These electronic books will facilitate the ability of students to access a vast amount of books of varied genres in this hand held devise. Youth are enthralled by technology and promoting reading through the use of technology is a win-win scenario.

The committee has also agreed to replace the current student lockers. The current ones are old and dilapidated and are insufficient for the school population. Finally, completing the fitness center, a carry over from last year, will also be accomplished.

These undertakings will certainly “Make It Better for Our Children.”

Tickets for this event sell out quickly. Do not delay in contacting Cleamena Duncan or Ivy Scatliffe-Lynton at 776-6336 to make a reservation. Tickets are $100 per person. Don’t forget raffle tickets for great and exciting prizes are also available.

Raffle drawings are responsible for a large portion of the funds raised each year. The exciting, high energy atmosphere that is generated during this part of the evening’s events has always provided great entertainment and fun to all attendees. They will be on sale at various locations in Cruz Bay as well as the school office until April 15.

For more information call Julius E. Sprauve School at 340-776-3663.