19th Virgin Islands Board of Education Decides on Committee Chairs

Virgin Islands Board of Education

The Virgin Islands Board of Education (VIBE) was organized on Jan. 10, 2019. It welcomed new member Jeanette Smith-Barry. whose resume with the V.I. Department of Education will be helpful to the board. The elected officers of the new board are Chairperson Arah Lockhart, Vice Chair Kyza Callwood and Secretary Winona Hendricks.

The executive committee appointed the members to the standing committees.
1) Member James Provost was appointed as Chair of the Public Private Liaison Committee with members Hendricks, Joseph and Moorhead.
2) Member Winona Hendricks was appointed as Chair of the Policies, Rules and Regulations Committee with members Gomez, Provost and Webster.
3) Member Kyza Callwood was appointed as Chair of the Professional Staff Certification and Higher Education Committee with members Smith-Barry, Provost and Webster.
4) Member Smith-Barry was appointed as Chair of the School Plants and Facilities Committee with members Callwood, Joseph and Moorhead.
5) The Chair designated Kyza Callwood to represent VIBE on the WTJX Board and at the Third Party Fiduciary meetings.
6) Member Judy Gomez was appointed to Chair an Ad Hoc Scholarship Grants Committee.
7) The Executive Committee created two new positions: liaison to DOE, member Smith-Barry; liaison to 33rd Legislature, member Moorhead.

Also, the board finalized a new contract with attorney Jennifer Jones for legal counsel. VIBE members may be contacted individually using first initial, last name followed by @myviboe.com. (Ex: mmoorhead@myviboe.com or collectively using board@myviboe.com

With the resignation of VIBE’s executive director, the plan for the biannual retreat was postponed. The board will begin a search for a new executive director soon and then reschedule the retreat which will be on St. Croix. Associate Executive Director Emmett Hansen is in charge in the interim.

The board made significant advances on the website with the scholarship grants application. Kinks were addressed, and the public is encouraged to visit www.myviboe.com to complete a scholarship grant application online ASAP.

Hard copies of the application are still available at VIBE offices and at the offices of high school counselors. The application process will close on April 20.

VIBE will have a presence at the St. Croix Agriculture Fair, as usual. Applications for the Scholarship grants will be at the exhibit, and staff will be available to offer information.