2005 Residential and Commercial Property Tax Bills Are in the Mail

The Office of the Tax Assessor has begun the process of mailing out residential and property tax bills to property owners in the territory, annnounced Lieutenant Governor Greg Francis.

The bills, which were originally scheduled to be sent out in June, 2006, were delayed due to technical problems both at the Department of Finance and the Office of the Tax Assessor.

“Upon assuming office, I was disturbed to know that we were unable to send out property tax bills on time due to several technical problems within our government,” said Francis. “During the past month, we have worked long and hard to ensure that these bills will be mailed out at the end of January. We expect all bills to be mailed out by the end of the week.”

A new due date has not yet been set for the property tax bills since they were sent out late, explained Francis.

“As stipulated by law, I will request that the Commissioner of Finance petition Gov. John deJongh to issue an executive order specifying the new due date,” said the lieutenant governor. “I am also reminding the public that only the Department of Finance can collect payment for property taxes. Payments can not be collected at the Office of the Tax Assessor.”

No Changes Reflected
Both commercial and residential property tax bills will be sent out at the 1998 level and will not reflect any changes in value for reassessed properties. The Office of the Tax Assessor is currently wrapping up the two-year revaluation project and will soon alert property owners on any changes in value for their properties, Lt. Gov. Francis added.

For more information contact the Office of the Tax Assessor on St. John at 776-6737.