2009 Earmarks Include $2.25 Million for Acquisition of Maho Bay

Delegate to Congress Donna Christensen said on Wednesday, March 11, that she was grateful that so many of her funding requests made it into the Omnibus Appropriations Act of FY 2009 and that with stimulus funding should go a long way to easing the financial burdens of the territory in these economic times.
“Even with the bad publicity that earmarks are getting, small communities like the Virgin Islands use the funding to complete critical projects,” Christensen said. “I was pleased to support the funding priorities of the deJongh administration in these requests.”
Approved earmarks for the territory include:
– $2.25 million for land acquisition for the acquisition of Maho Bay by the Virgin Islands National Park
– $2.18 million for Covenant Grants for Capital Improvements
– $160,000 for the Wildlife Conservation Grant
– $380,000 for the Christiansted Bypass and Long Bay Project
–  $475,000 for Mass Transit/Bus and Bus Facility Improvements Program
– $48,000 to provide glaucoma screenings in the Virgin Islands
– $381,000 for facilities and equipment for the Department of Health
– $190,000 for facilities and equipment for a mental health facility for the Department of Health
– $300,000 for ACOE Shoreline Protection Study for the Veteran’s Drive Shoreline
– $350,000 for ACOE Flood Control Construction Projects for La Grange, St. Croix
– $475,000 for Electricity Grids
– $600,000 for the Emergency Communications 911 System for the Virgin Islands.