2024 Light Up the Night Takes to the Track in Cruz Bay

It’s been seven years since Winston Wells Ballpark hosted the annual cancer walk on St. John. Now, in 2024, the Light Up the Night fundraiser is back. The National Park Ballfield served as the setting where cancer survivors and their friends and neighbors could share each other’s company in support of a worthy cause.

Handmade prayer flags offer words of support. (Source photo by Judi Shimel)

Hundreds of residents and visitors gathered on the overpass leading to the ballfield, where those supported by pledge donations walked laps around the concrete perimeter.

Some say they come to events like Light Up the Night to catch up with old friends. (Source photo by Judi Shimel)

In its early days, the cancer walk lasted all night and ended at dawn. This year walkers had eight hours to fulfill their pledged distance.

Volunteers began raising funds about a month in advance, soliciting motorists near the Cruz Bay Traffic Circle. Fundraising continued on Saturday night, where the business of selling luminaries was brisk, according to Shani Cabron.

Luminaries honor those who live with cancer and those who’ve lost the fight. (Source photo by Judi Shimel)

The survivor’s walk began at 9 p.m. The luminaries are set around the track and lit. Volunteers served seafood kallaloo as a way to honor those living with cancer.

A message hung in support of a worthy cause on the ballfield fence. (Source photo by Judi Shimel)

The Wave Band and deejay Adonis furnished festive tunes throughout the evening.