60 Pilot Whales Beached on Anegada

Some 60 pilot whales have beached themselves on Anegada in the British Virgin Islands. The reason for the incident is still unknown, as is the exact number of whales that became stranded.
(Photo credit: Rondel H. Smith)

According to reports from those on the ground, none of the whales have survived. Posts on the BVI Community Board on Facebook say that biologists from the Puerto Rican Stranding Network will arrive Monday to take teeth and tissue samples to help determine the cause of the stranding.

(Photo credit: Rondel H. Smith)

Due to their herding instincts, pilot whales will stick together even if one is sick or hurt. If one whale is beached, the others in the herd will follow to help.

On Saturday and Sunday, many people took to the BVI Community Board to express their concerns and sadness for this tragic occurrence. The Source will continue to monitor this story as more information becomes available.