Administrator Smith Moving Forward with Waterfront Beautification

The tangle of power lines at the ferry dock, above, will be buried as part of planned improvements.

Both Cruz Bay and Coral Bay can look forward to some much-needed sprucing up under St. John Administrator Leona Smith’s plan to beautify the two island towns.

The involvement of island hotels is just one part of the plan, explained Smith.

“We have several hotels involved in the beautification of the Cruz Bay area and Coral Bay,” she said. “They want to keep the place looking good.”

Smith also hopes to get island children involved in the beautification process in an effort to foster an interest in taking care of their home, explained the administrator.

Children, Businesses Involved
“We will have the kids involved in helping keep the area clean,” said Smith. “We are thinking of paying them for their work.”
Other island businesses are involved in the beautification as well.

“Hai 2 just purchased 10 receptacles, some of which have already been placed,” said Smith. “They have a private person to pick up the garbage on a daily basis.”

Burying the slew of power lines that run across the Cruz Bay waterfront is also part of the beautification plan.

“The Water and Power Authority is doing a study right now, and we are waiting to get a proposal from them on how much it’s going to cost,” said Smith. “At that point, we’ll have to find additional funding for that part of the project.”

Once the renovations to the Frank Powell Park begin in July, a taxi dispatching system will be implemented to clear the ferry dock of congestion, according to Smith.

Taxi Dispatching
“When we start doing the Cruz Bay park, which should be in July, we will be working on the dispatching of the taxis,” she said. “My proposal to the governor is to use the area by Nature’s Nook for the taxis to park.”

The Department of Property and Procurement has approved the site for the use of a taxi dispatching area, Smith added.

“The taxis can be parked and dispatched from up there so we don’t have any double parking down there in the area by the ferry,” said the administrator.

Getting the taxis away from the ferry dock will help alleviate congestion in the area, according to Smith.

“Once you get off the ferry boat, all those cars are there, and you have to be squeezing between them to get where you are going,” she said. “I really think that area needs to be clear. We will be solving some of the congestion.”

Taxi Stand Open to Residents
The several parking spaces currently occupied by the taxi stand would be opened up for residents picking up relatives and villa management companies picking up customers, according to Smith.

“Villa companies and anyone conducting business, or picking up passengers and relatives could have the space in the taxi stand,” said the administrator. “I think the island is growing so much, and the city should be up and running.”