After Tradewinds Letter, Chocolate Hole Resident Reports Onesie Is Safe and Sound


Onesie’s friends are delighted to say he’s been found!

From the day St. John Tradewinds showed his distinctive face to the community, from all sides of the island came word that folks were looking for him.
And the very day the newspaper came out, after being lost for nearly a month, Onesie was identified in Chocolate Hole, where he’d been all that time. His friends believe he was most likely trapped by neighbors and relocated far from home.

He was a very smart and lucky old cat to have gone to the porch of Monica Munro, who could see he was healthy and sweet-natured and who allowed him to come in each night to share the food and water she leaves out for her own cats.

Munro tends the large ACC feeding station at the dumpster near the Westin Resort and Villas, where a colony of neutered cats gather each day to be fed. She realized Onesie and several others at her station were new to the area and she assumed they’d been dropped off there.

While residents ponder how to protect their furry friends from being trapped and relocated, they are reminded to simply be kind. The safety of island cats depends on the attention and kindness of friends and neighbors, people like Munro and all those other kind people who have called and emailed their support.