After Two Month Closure, Caneel Bay Resort Reopens with Refreshed Rooms

The Historic Caneel Bay Resort is open again with a refreshed and refurbished look.

After closing its doors for a two-month off-season for the first time in its history, the former Rockefeller Resort re-opened for the season on Sunday, November 1.

“This season you can expect a refreshed product,” said Caneel managing director Nikolay Hotze. “The landscaping has been updated, all rooms have been painted, bathrooms have been refreshed and we expect high employee morale again this season.”

During its two-month closure, Caneel Bay, a Rosewood Resort, focused on infrastructure, landscaping and employee relation improvements, Hotze added.

“We did a lot of work while the property was closed,” said the resort’s managing director. “The kitchen was updated and everything was refreshed. I think it was a very positive closure.”

While many things will remain the same at the exclusive resort — from top-notch customer service to breathtaking scenery — there will be some changes at Caneel this season, according to Hotze.

For the first time, the resort will charge for parking. The $10 parking fee will be waived, however, if people spend at least that amount on the property, explained Hotze.

“We will be charging a $10 fee for parking, but if you spend money on food or beverages or tennis at the hotel, that parking will be free,” Hotze said.

Anthony Dawodu is still helming the resort’s fine restaurants, which will have extended service hours until 10 p.m. this year.

The Turtle Bay Estate House, which opens on November 18, will keep its menu inspiration firmly rooted in elegant steak houses, while the Equator will unveil a new menu by Thanksgiving.

As Caneel re-opened its doors last week, the improvements completed during the sabbatical were certain to enhance guests’ stay.

“I think it’s just a natural progression as far as refreshing the property,” said Hotze. “We look forward to welcoming our returning guests back and welcoming new guests.”

While the resevation figures haven’t been totaled from October, the resort is enjoying a good booking pace, Hotze added.

For more information about Caneel Bay Resort call 340-776-6111.