“Ah Cultural Glow for De World to See” Spectacular Lights at Limpricht Park

The fourth annual Limpricht Park Tree Lighting on Friday, hosted by Sandra Gerard-Leung and James Weber, delivered on their theme of “Ah Glow in the Park: Lights Galore on King’s Street.”

Kendal Henry and Lauren Larson gave a short history of Quadrille Dances and Quelbe Music on St. Croix. Here, the French style of dance is performed, while on St. Thomas, it is the German style. Their talk was followed by a performance by the Ay-Ay Cultural Dancers.

Stanley and the Ten Sleepless Knights played throughout the night with both traditional Quelbe pieces and Christmas music.

Asherray Crump-Morris hosted “Deh Christmas Conversation,” a round table discussion of childhood memories. Dr. Olaf “Bronco” Hendricks and Jennette Rouse-Cochrane laughed and shared their recollections as an attentive audience listened.

The lighting was brilliant, with multicolored lights on trees throughout Limpricht Park. The park will be open to the public from now until Jan. 8.

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