“Ah Glow In Deh Park” to light up Limpricht Park Friday

Completed in 2021, “Working for the Children to Make a Difference” decor by the Eddie Ortiz Annual Three Kings Tradition, Inc. at the entrance to Limpricht Park gives a taste of the upcoming tree lighting and public display. (Source file photo by Linda Morland)

The fourth annual Limpricht Park Tree Lighting hosted by the Crucian Cultural Group will take place on Friday from 7 to 9 p.m. The virtual program will stream live on WTJX, PBS Channel 12, as well as on the CCG Facebook page.

King Street in Christiansted will be blocked off by 5 p.m. from the corner of the former First Bank Building. The event is completely virtual, with no areas for the public to watch in person.

A full spectrum of entertainment is planned, including:

  • Stanley and the Ten Sleepless Knights
  • Alvin Milligan, organist and the Episcopal Deanery Choir
  • Geron Richards, storyteller
  • A timeline of dances from Quadrille to Bamboula
  • Sasha Evans and Lisa Charles, singers
  • “Deh Christmas Conversation,” a roundtable with Asherray Crump-Morris, storyteller, and elders Jeannette Rouse-Cochrane, Dr. Olaf “Bronco” Hendricks, and Dimitri Copeman
Limpricht Park Tree Lighting flyer (Submitted)
“The ‘Bridging the Generation Gap’ round table discussion conversations should be enlightening as they discuss foods, music and Crucian traditions during the holidays,” said Wanda Vialet, chair of the event. “The Gentlemen of Jones will trek for this year’s Inkberry Tree while students of Pearl B. Larsen School, under the leadership of the art director, Ms. Dena Graham, are going to create the ornaments for the Crucian Inkberry Tree,” she said.
AARP in The Virgin Islands members decorate their tree, which will feature a Livable Communities theme and the Eight Domains of Livability. They hope to educate those visiting the park about these programs and the work that AARP does to make a livable community for people of all ages. (Photo by Wanda Vialet)
When the tree and park are lit during the show, lights, sparkle and music will fill Limpricht Park and Christiansted with the warmth of the Christmas spirit.