ALERT: VITEMA Plans Audible Testing of Tsunami Alert Sirens

Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency

Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency (VITEMA) advises Virgin Islanders there will be a test of the following tsunami alert sirens at 10 a.m., Wednesday, Nov. 7.
St. Croix District:
• Cramer’s Park
• Lavalle
St. Thomas-St. John District:
• Lucinda Millin (Long Bay Road)
• Enid Baa Library (Main Street)
• Bolongo Bay Hotel (Bolongo)
• Ezra Fredericks Ballpark (Fredenhoj)
• Frank Bay

The purpose of testing is to provide the agency with an updated status of the sirens’ audible functions. Post hurricanes Irma and Maria, VITEMA has been conducting silent testing of the tsunami alert sirens monthly.

During the most recent test, the above sirens tested “GREEN,” which signified that they are functioning.

“Due to the impact of the 2017 hurricane season, the territory-wide tsunami alert siren system was severely damaged. This testing is a necessary step in bringing the network of tsunami alert sirens back online,” said VITEMA Director Mona L. Barnes.

“Through FEMA’s Public Assistance program, VITEMA has received 90 percent of the funding to restore the system while making improvements to its structure; the remaining 10 percent of the required funding has been allocated by the Government of the Virgin Islands. We are working closely with the vendor to ensure the sirens are not only replaced, but they are strengthened to mitigate damages from future storms,” said Barnes.

During the test, Virgin Islands residents within the vicinity of the sirens may hear: “This is a test of the emergency warning system. This is only a test.” — Westminster Chime (10 sec) — “Test of the emergency warning system is complete. This has only been a test.”