All Territory Beaches Deemed Unsafe for Swimming, Fishing and Bathing

Runoff in Coral Bay flooded the harbor Wednesday afternoon, October 15.


Due to the passage of Hurricane Omar and resulting heaving rainfall throughout the territory, all beaches in the territory are unsafe for swimming, fishing and bathing until further notice, according to the Department of Planning and Natural Resources (DPNR).

DPNR staff advises parents to keep children away from stormwater impacted beaches as well as areas with manholes and stormwater flooding. There may be a risk to anyone swimming in stormwater impacted areas as a result of increased concentrations of bacteria. All persons should also be aware that stormwater runoff may also contain contaminants or pollutants harmful to human health and therefore all persons should avoid areas of stormwater runoff.

DPNR will continue to monitor the impacted areas and update the public. For more information, call the Division of Environment Protection a t 774-3320.