Allied Rental Center Has New Merchandise, Consistent Hours, Better Service

As the new Allied manager Larry Sanchez, below, is ready to serve customers with regular hours and new merchandise.

Have a big renovation project planned at the house, but don’t have that mixer needed for the job?

Are the weeds in the yard growing out of control, but the weed whacker is broken?

Look no further than the bright yellow and blue building on Centerline Road next to the old Moses’ Laundromat location to fill all those needs.

Allied Rental Center has been renting and selling all sorts of tools and equipment needed for construction, renovation, gardening and landscaping on St. John for years. Since moving out of Cruz Bay to the new Centerline Road location, however, the store has expanded its merchandise and, with a new manager, customer service has improved as well.

“We are a rental and equipment sales company,” said Larry Sanchez, Allied store manger. “We rent a lot of different equipment from air compressors and pressure washers to concrete mixers. We also have a lot of gardening equipment like chain saws and weed whackers.”

“We also carry generators and a lot more,” Sanchez said. “We pretty much have everything to do with construction, gardening and landscaping.”

Allied also has merchandise for sale and Sanchez is careful to stock up on all the replacement parts for the equipment the store carries, he added.

“What we do is a lot of the products we have for rent we also have for sale,” said Sanchez. “We also carry all the replacement parts someone would need. For chain saws, we sell the saws and we also have the chains, the spark plugs and all of the different parts and pieces that would be needed down the road.”

Looking just to rent equipment? Allied offers daily, weekly or monthly rates.

“We also have special rates depending on how long the rental is for,” said Sanchez.

The St. John Allied store is an outpost of the main Allied store located in Fort Milner, St. Thomas and owned by Sanchez’s uncle Edmundo Zayas. Having the main store in St. Thomas also allows Sanchez to bring specially requested pieces of equipment to St. John to rent or sale, he explained.

“We can bring things over from St. Thomas and that is just what I’m planning,” said Sanchez. “I’m going to bring a lot of new machines for sale and rental and we’re looking to renovate the whole store.”

Sanchez is also dedicated to keeping the store open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on a consistent basis, something which had been a problem for Allied in the past, he explained.

“The hours used to be inconsistent,” said Sanchez. “But our regular hours will now be from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday and we’ll be here. We also have better customer service and we’re going to be bringing new merchandise in soon too.”

Stop by Allied on Centerline Road and check out the equipment and tools for sale or rent. For more information call Sanchez at the store at 777-8090.