Alpine to Host Special Presentations by Test Prep Expert, College Recruiter and Students

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) Prep

Alpine’s SAT Prep and 1000 Words Challenge, which officially launched at the beginning of the 2019-20 school year, will come to a close for the fall semester on Saturday, Nov. 21, inside the Ruth E. Thomas Auditorium at Charlotte Amalie High School. Students who have diligently completed the program will be recognized with certificates and awards.

The closing ceremony will also feature a renowned test preparation expert as well as college recruiters and students from the University of the Virgin Islands in an effort to inform and inspire current high school students to prepare for success in college. The event will be open to all high school students on St. Thomas.

A special presentation will be made via Skype by Brian Stewart, founder of BWS Education Consulting and author of several ACT, SAT and PSAT books published by Barron’s Educational Series. His books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide. Students will have an opportunity to ask questions in advance during the registration process, and they are strongly encouraged to register online at

According to the College Board, which is the official entity that develops and administers the SAT, the average mean SAT score of 635 high school students who took the SAT in the Virgin Islands during the 2017-18 school year was 935 out of a perfect score of 1600. While the SAT score is not a measurement of the students’ aptitude, potential or success in life, it can dictate their college choices and career paths. In addition, higher vocabulary level has been linked to greater intelligence and confidence.

Alpine’s SAT Prep and 1000 Words Challenge was launched to help V.I.’s high school students boost the scores of their SAT and increase the overall average mean to exceed the U.S. average mean SAT score of 1060. Studies have shown a direct link to advanced vocabulary and higher test scores, which is why students were also encouraged to learn 1000 essential words that are critical to performing well on the exam and in college.

Students participating in the Alpine SAT Prep program enrolled in the Official SAT Practice, which is a computer-based practice plan developed by Khan Academy and the College Board, and is used by nearly 40 percent of all SAT takers. Throughout the semester, the students’ progress and practice were monitored and encouraged. Those participating in the 1000 Words Challenge were also provided a list of 1000 words to learn and were given a final exam.

Awards for top students in both programs include $100 cash prize and Texas Instruments TI-84, a graphic calculator that is commonly used during the SAT and in advanced math classes in college.

Alpine’s SAT Prep and 1000 Words Challenge has been organized by Alpine Securities USVI LLC, which has been involved with numerous charitable initiatives on the island focused on investing in young people and bringing the community together, such as the annual King of the Wing contest that raises money for a local nonprofit organization.

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