An End-Of-Year, Open Letter From Delegate Stacey Plaskett


2020 has been a year of loss and despair for many of us. The COVID-19 pandemic upended our personal and professional lives and continues to bring much uncertainty about what the future will look like.

This time of tremendous adversity has required a deeper level of resilience and endurance from each of us. Being forced to adapt to an entirely new and different way of life has caused a different, more robust strength to rise up in each of us. Despite the many difficulties and losses, I am proud of us as a community, as a territory and as a nation. Our country has been thoughtful and well-purposed as we have taken an active stance against racial inequities and systemic oppression. Americans have shown up in record numbers to vote, demonstrating in modern times that the spirit of democracy and the soul of our nation is still strong. In my work during the 116th session of Congress, and more specifically during the past year, I have advocated and fought for the Virgin Islands’ equal share and treatment in funding and support within each piece of legislation; whether issues of self-determination, infrastructure funding or the bipartisan COVID-19 package.

My team and I are in the midst of preparing for the upcoming 117th session of Congress and I am eager to continue my work in not just representing the Virgin Islands well and being your fighter in Washington, but also being our voice on issues affecting all Americans. Here are a few of the items my team and I will be focused on in the coming two years:

  • As we continue to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, utilize innovative ways for constituents to connect with my office and its services; use virtual platforms like Zoom for Town Hall Meetings; launch a new functionality on my website that will allow constituents who may need in-person assistance to book appointments.
  • Institute revenue measures for the economic development of the territory.
  • Work with the local Office of Disaster and Recovery to assist in expediting the delivery of disaster relief and recovery funding to the Virgin Islands, and measures to improve resiliency.
  • Improve infrastructure development funding for the Virgin Islands.

As we prepare for the end of this year and the advent of 2021, I encourage you to find courage and sustenance for what lies ahead in remembering what you have overcome.

Thank you for your love of our home and our country.

In service,

Stacey E. Plaskett

Delegate to Congress

(Submitted letter from Office of Delegate Stacey Plaskett)