Andy Greaux’s Animals Were Sick


In response to the letter by Andy and Carol Greaux: I am one of those concerned. I spend a lot of time at the Animal Care Center of St. John, and I agree that you have been dealt a great injustice. It stirs deep emotion in me that you were treated the way you were. How dare people treat creatures of the universe with such indignities and injustices, taking from you by force all of your food, your tent, clothing, dinghy, snorkel gear and tools. I am sorry this happened to you.

As stated in your letter all of your sheep, goats, cats and dog (your family/children) were also taken — that they were all wormed, fed and healthy, and they were under regular veterinary care. It makes no sense to me that this is true.

Your cats were infected with coccidia. Your dog, Zeus, had an eye infection in both eyes — it was crusty and painful for him, scabs around his neck — presumably from the chain he was kept on. He may have been fed, but had no appetite and could not eat properly, due to the amount of parasites he had in him — tape worms, round worms and hook worms which are deadly. He has heart worms too, also deadly. When Zeus came to the Animal Care Center he was fatally ill and suffering. To look at Zeus today, after receiving veterinary care and being taken care of by the Animal Care Center, you would be so happy for him. His eyes are clear. His neck is healed, he is free of tape worms, round worms and the deadly hook worms.  He has an appetite and he can eat. Also, Zeus has begun the lengthy and costly treatment for the deadly heart worms.

He is going to live! Thanks to veterinary care and the efforts of those who care, not by any of your efforts. All of the health problems threatening Zeus were preventable, and treatable if caught in time. All caused by neglect at the hands of the pair of you. Neglect like this is abuse. Zeus has been done a great injustice, just as you have.

It disturbs me to know that you plan to breed “endless” kittens and to know that everybody and everyone can have a kitten from a reputable breeder such as yourself. (I would like to tour your facility, see your qualifications and the papers for these cats). I have to ask why breed “endless” kittens when there aren’t “endless” loving caring homes for them all? With this kind of irresponsible breeding, hunger, disease and suffering are spread among their overpopulation. Is this fair to the animals, or just cruel?

In your letter, you ask all of the people of St. John who support the Animal Care Center to help you get your pets back. Why would they want to do that? It seems to me that the people who support the ACC do so, in part, to insure that pets like your dog and cats have a chance to be rescued from the injustices and cruelties inflicted upon them by people every day.

These views and opinions that I express here are my own, independently. I am not speaking for the ACC.

A True Animal Lover